Dattatreya peedam

Sree Sai Dattatreya Dhyana peedam, Coimbatore

Sairam friends,

One of my Sai friend Praveen requested me to post the following information about the Lord Dattatreya temple and meditation centre they are building in Coimbatore.

Temple Location

The temple is located in Coimbatore to Mettupalayam road couple of kms before Thudiyalur. You have to take the left side road after Vellakinar pirivu and before Vidhya Vikashini School in Thudiyalur and travel for less than a mile to reach this place.

The temple is being constructed now and they will be pleased to receive your kind donation.

You may reach Praveen at

+91 90035 90727


Sai Ram

If you live in Coimbatore, take time to visit this place still under construction.

Sai and Lord Dattatreya Bless you and your family.

(Note – In the past 13 years that I run StarSai.com, I have never posted donation requests online but since I know Praveen for years, I had to do this.)

There were several phone numbers in the above notice but I felt its convinient for me if I just provide phone number of someone I know. You can reach Praveen if you are interested in contributing for constructing this divine Sai and Dattatreya temple.

I have been devoted to Lord Dattatreya and felt he wants me to do little I can for this divine cause.

Keep remembering Sai and Lord Datta!

Om Sai Ram




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