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Dakshinamurthy Temples in India – Arulmigu Abathsahayeswarar Thirukovil, Alangudi Guru Bhagavan,Thiruvarur

Sairam friends, Dakshinamurthy – Guru Bhagavan Dakshinamurthy or Jnana Dakshinamurti (Tamil: தட்சிணாமூர்த்தி, Telugu: దక్షిణామూర్తి, Sanskrit: दक्षिणामूर्ति ((Dakṣiṇāmūrti)) is an aspect of Shiva as a guru (teacher) of all types of knowledge and bestower of jnana.( I have provided list of … Continue reading

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Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Tokyo, Japan – Bongaren

Sairam friends, I have few Sai devotee friends in Japan who regularly visit and used to mail me about their experiences. One of my friend mailed me about how she was surprised to see a Shirdi Saibaba Statue in … Continue reading

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Srivilliputhur Andal Kovil – Vatapatrasayee and Andal,Rangamannar Temple – 108 Divya Desams

Sairam friends, Srivilliputhur Andal Kovil is one of the most famous Temples in Tamilnadu. I had gone to this temple during my childhood but don’t really remember what I saw there. So I will be happy if any of you … Continue reading

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