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Sairam friends,

Temples Lamp is one of my dream for many years. I already had a Temple website from StarSai Family but later I could not maintain it. The past few weeks, I was thinking about launching a Temples Website where devotees of various Hindu Gods and Goddess and Ancient Saints can write about their favorite Temples and also the Temples they visited.

Share your Temples Experiences:

Temples Lamp is created especially for ordinary Devotees to Share their pilgrimage experiences and also the divine stories about any Temple they visited. You can write about past memories of any Temples you have visited or any recent Pilgrimage to holy temples.

Share Stories about Ancient Temples:

India is home to numerous Ancient temples as this is a sacred land. We really don’t realize the value of these beautiful temples unless we learn about the mythological and true stories related to these temples.

So I will be very happy if devotees share the stories they know about any Ancient Temples.

From Ancient Hindu temples to Small Temples in your Locality:

The concept of Temples Lamp is to list Temples in India, Asia, USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and other Island countries. Apart from this, my goal is to list even the very small Temples in villages and towns of India. There are small Ganesha temples or Vishnu Temples, Sai temples or Dattatreya Temples in constructed to serve people of the locality. These Temples too serves devotees by giving them a space to feel the divinity.

You are most welcome to write about Hindu Temples in your area be it small or Big. What matters is devotion and Love on the God and the Goddess.

Why Temples Lamp?

I spent more than a hour to select the name for this Temples website. Many names came into my mind. So I finally dropped chits to Shirdi Saibaba and choose this name. Since I love lighting lamps and believe Lighting lamps in Temple is auspicious, I felt, Sai wanted me to keep the Temple site with this divine name – Temples Lamp.

Keep Temples Clean, Pure and peaceful

Its my humble request to Devotees around the world. When ever you visit Temples, please maintain a peaceful environment. Let’s try our best to keep the Temples Clean and Pure. Keep your thoughts pure and make sure you don’t disturb other devotees.

Most devotees these days feel that all famous Pilgrimage centers in India and the Ancient Temples has become commercial in Nature. Its true they have have to accept that India being highly populated country, we have a huge crowd where ever we go. So lets keep away our worries about how commercial it has become and focus on Devotion.

The greatest pilgrimage is going inwards in your soul because God lives in you and every life you see

Visiting Temples regularly and going on a Pilgrimage is beautiful but honestly we must learn to feel the presence of Gods in every life. Try to be in peace and feel the Gods and Goddess in yourself.

Although, I encourage devotees to visit temple regularly, the moment, they realized the presence of God in one self, all that’s required is constant remembrance of Gods and Goddess or any Ancient Saints you love.

You are most welcome to contribute your experiences and stories about Temples you love around India.

Send mail to the Id you can find in www.starsai.com

What we like to present to our devotees who come to Temples Lamp?

1. Experiences of Ordinary devotees during their Pilgrimage to temples

2. Any near by Hindu Temples in your locality with Photos of Gods/Goddess or simply the Temple exterior ( with permission of Temple authorities)

3. Kumbabishekam – Prana Prathista festivals happening in Hindu Temples

4. Any Mythological stories related to Ancient Hindu Temples

Make sure you write along with Temple Location, State, Country and other details for devotees to reach the Temple.

What we don’t like:

Kindly don’t send information about Temples which are maintained by modern Guru’s etc as we personally don’t believe in them. Example, There are Shirdi Saibaba temples where someone sits as if they are Guru and keeps Sai by his side. Saints don’t need any messenger in-between and Gods too.

No Commercial promotion of any service. Please excuse us. Please…I wish to keep Temples Lamp as simple and pure as possible.

I am looking for Temple Experiences from ordinary devotees. When I use the word “Ordinary” I mean, devotees who love to go temples with devotion, to fulfill their wishes and also with the immense desire to have darshan.

One of the reason, I created this site is because of the gratitude I want to show to Shirdi Saibaba and many Gods and Goddess Temple which has given me space to relax and feel the peace. Many times, I used to think where would I have gone if not for the Nagasai Mandhir in coimbatore?

Temples helped me do little service during my free time, learn about life and also helped me become a better human. At times, I worry a lot thinking about how middle class and poor people are not able to afford peaceful darshan in Ancient Temples when it is crowded.

Pooja items have become expensive, Temples are crowded that its entrance fee is high and so many other issues. Irrespective of all this, we as Hindus have responsibility to take care of our culture and leave a legacy for generations to come.

With wholehearted Prayers,


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba and the Gods I love.

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